Dream a Little Dream

Inspired by the euphoria one might feel through exercise such as running or dancing, this piece indulges in the physicality and joy of dancing to music. You will notice everyday gestures (a hand wave, a high five, a shaking head) in layered and echoing patterns being deployed and explored. Social dances (the twist and various partner dances) filter through the non-linear meanderings in playful movement. The piece experiments with the use of voice by using words randomly, without their normal meaning, to become a sound element along with the music; leaving interpretation open to the audience members.

This piece was created thanks to the support of the US Embassy and in collaboration with MASC.


Choreographed by:
Sonsherée Giles
Music by:
Caroline Penwarden
Seven performers from the Propeller Dance Company
Liz Winkler and Jessie Hugget are holding hands, smiling and pulling away from each other, under a textured blue background.
Photo by: Alvin Sim.
Renata Soutter is perched on top of Moni Hoffman's lap. Renata is looking into the camera smiling and Moni has her arms up in the air laughing. They are dancing under a textured blue light.
Photo by: Alvin Sim.