This Sweet Nothing: Mission Statement

Lisa and Sonsheree lie on their sides in the foreground with bare backs towards the viewer, inching along towards the right. Three dancers in the background are on their hands and knees traveling to the left in the opposite direction of Lisa and Sonsheree.
Photo by: Jason Tschantré

This Sweet Nothing is an on-going collaborative art project directed by Sonsherée Giles.

In 2001, Sonsherée began creating contemporary dances in collaboration with other artists using original music compositions, technology, multi-media, sculptural installation and costume design.

This Sweet Nothing aims to develop a pool of creative resources and to create a community that develops, explores and ultimately shares works that push existing artistic and creative boundaries.

This Sweet Nothing is fiscally sponsored by Dancer's Group. To make a tax deductible donation, click here.

Past collaborators include: Lisa Bufano, John Carnahan, Heike Liss, Megan Lowe, Caroline Penwarden, Jerry Smith, Les Stuck, and Dan Wool.