Point To Something

Point to Something is a duet created in collaboration with dancers Janet Das and Rodney Bell.

From Sonsherée: "I used text as pathway to generate the movement. I was interested in composing a dance from a thread of directives like ‘point to something’.

The dance is in two parts. The first section is two simultaneous solos creating a dry, formal and disconnected environment. The second section is created from the same solos but now in contact and directly impacting/affecting each other. The environment shifts and creates a warm, funny and romantic atmosphere between the dancers."

Point to Something explores how contact or lack or contact and music can change the perceived experience of both the performers and the audience.

Point to Something premiered in 2010 at Cowell Theatre in San Francisco for the Spring Dance Inspiration fourth annual festival that is a benefit to raise funds that support brain tumor research, and also support brain tumor patients and their families.


"Leaves and snows" by Quentin SirJacq, Norman Teale, Antoine Berthiaume
“I put a spell on you” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Video by:
Commissioned by:
AXIS Dance Company (2010)