Spill, Drop, Fumble, Slip and Fall

'Spill, Drop, Fumble, Slip and Fall' is inspired by a field of wild flowers and the inebriation that can occur if too many poppies are ingested. Exploring various states of intoxication and euphoria is a reoccurring theme in both my life and dance making. How we can swirl, swarm, take risks and appear out of control and yet maintain a flow. 'Spill, drop, fumble, slip and fall' is a line from an essay by William S. Burroughs, and examines how we can find a rhythm and tap into an ease and efficiency in order to not ever spill, drop, fumble, slip or fall.

This premiered in San Francisco at CounterPulse, in 2011.

Created with support by AXIS Dance Company.


Choreographed by:
Sonsherée Giles
Music Performed by:
Caroline Penwarden
Rodney Bell
Sebastian Grubb
Sonsherée Giles
Janet Collard